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Buchanan School’s Journey Toward Water Sustainability
Buchanan School has embarked on a project called “Water Is Everyone’s Responsibility”.
Many communities in Canada are faced with shortages of clean drinking water. We have been working towards making our students aware of this crisis and learn that water should not be taken for granted.           
Friends, family and community members have been involved in this endeavor and have shared their artistic talents and inspirational messages and quotes on paddles.  Each paddle is unique in design as is the story behind it!
The bidding of our paddles has ended for this school year.  We will start up in the Fall of 2017.   All profits of the auction will be donated to Water Aid Canada and the Lake Winnipeg Foundation. You can indicate your preference on your bid.

Auction 5 will commence in the fall. Bids start between $25 and $50 depending on the size of the paddle.
Successful Bidders will be notified by email.

To place a bid please email smoore@sjsd.net 
Indicate the paddle you are bidding on and the amount of  your bid.

Sneak Peak of some of our paddles that will be up for Auction in the Fall.



 Last Modified: 22 June,2017